Music at Tumpane

Students are learning to associate sounds with written music symbols. Beginning in kindergarten, we learn simple rhythms and ways to read and write this. Young students quickly develop music skills through hand gesturing while vocal singing.  As students progress to later grades, learning music rudiments through reading and writing activities becomes an easier transition. Students performing with classes at our annual winter concert and kindergarten concert in the spring, gives all students an opportunity to participate in musical school events. This helps our students make a connection to our school community and build confidence in large group performance. 

Extra-curricular activities like choir and band/strings gives our students an opportunity to extend the learning. Junior students are eager to learn a number of instruments; guitar, recorder, violin, viola, trombone, trumpet, flute, to name a few.

Mr. Bellotto is a professional jazz musician and music screen writer. One of his first few songs was the Tumpane Anthem that is sung at each assembly.

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